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"It's up to me to decide if i'm gonna be great or not!"

– Rico Love
Based in Atlanta,Georgia
Genre: #Top40 
Label: daydrmrz(indie)
I Am

Katr'al Yashra'al – Singer/Songwriter/Producer




Katr'al Yashra'al is a pop and top-40 musician from Atlanta, Georgia represented by the Daydrmrz independent music label. Growing in scope and depth with each new release, his style has been compared to Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, and Jay Z. Smooth, uplifting, and performed with enough passion for nightclub playlists, house parties, or personal listening alike, music by Katr'al Yashra'al builds crowds, interest and emotion which never fail to excite his audiences.

Asked to describe his songs personally, Katr'al Yashra'al calls his music “fun, personal, energetic, inspirational, and real,” all of which can be ascertained the first time one hears a track from Katr'al Yashra'al.

Yashra'al's repertoire includes his most popular recent release, “DM (3:am),” which recently appeared on Daydrmrz. In addition to the considerable talents of Yashra'al, himself, “DM (3:am)” features a performance by Kid Rootz. Having become available in September 2019, the single continues to garner widespread critical and fan acclaim.

Katr'al Yashra'al's inimitable, cutting edge tone and style on “DM (3:am)” – as well as on other tracks, such as his label's eponymous track, “Daydrmrz” – have made him a resounding success with a variety of audiences, but particularly among fans of top 40, hip hop and pop music in the United States and United Kingdom.

Katr'al Yashra'al writes of his rising career that he works interminably to make great music because it's something which wells up inside him.

“I love music because of the feeling I get,” he writes. “It's a part of me internally. I have a gift that I hope I get to share with the world, hopefully inspiring millions, even billions of people to become whom they are meant to be and know who the children of Yashra'al are.”

To his listeners new and old, Katr'al Yashra'al has this to say: “To all my fans new and old who've followed my career thus far and those who are now jumping on board, I love you. Trust through it all that this will be the best ride of your life. I can't thank you enough, and All Praise Be to Yah!”

Outside “DM (3:am)” and “daydrmrz” (both 2019), Katr'al Yashra'al's growing repertoire also includes popular drops such as “Getting Over You” (2019) and “DruNk TeXting” (2018).

Katr'al Yashra'al has accumulated over 250k streams as an independent artist, writing for recording artists such as Ralo, Shadadgod, and Kid Rootz. Additionally, Yashra'al has made noticeable impressions on Quality Control's Coach K, BCOX, and Dallas Austin.

Also in Yashra'al's corner are writer Milan Tribhovan Dhanani and composer Julian Baca.

“DM (3:am)” by Katr'al Yashra'al is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

“DM (3:am)” by Katr'al Yashra'al –

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